Summertime is Injury Time

When the thermometer gets hotter, hospital emergency rooms brace themselves...

You may call it summer, but in Emergency Rooms across the country, the three-month period that follows spring is known as "Trauma Season." It is particularly true in the Pacific Northwest, when children -- and adults -- who have been cooped up for months emerge from hibernation and school classrooms.

Experience has shown that when a person has an injury 2 things always happen;

1. You will have additional expenses. A broken leg will run you as much as 15K. Does your Medical Insurance have a deductible? What if you need follow-up care, drugs, therapy? Where will the money come from?

2. Then what if you can’t work? The bills still need to be paid.

* Over 4 out of 10 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms every year.

* The average hospital stay is 6 days.

* The average hospital stay is over $10,000.

* 43% of Americans report having a difficult time covering medical expenses – even with medical insurance.

There is a way to protect yourself and stay on a budget. Accident Insurance pay money directly to you, to help with those sudden unexpected expenses.

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