Is your Medical Insurance just too DAMN expensive?

Do you want a plan that lets you see the Doctors you want to see?

Do you earn too much money to get a rate reduction?

Save 30 – 50% when compared to Premera, Molina, Ambetter, Kaiser & COBRA


5 Reasons why this is a great healthcare choice

1. No plan limits – Where many plan place limits and restrictions on coverage with NCBA there are no Maximum Limits.

2. Complete Preventive Care - All Preventive care, annual physical, mammograms, colonoscopy required by Affordable Care Act are covered with $0 Copay.

3. No waiting periods - Many plans place waiting periods for cancer and other illnesses. With NCBA there are no waiting periods.

4. Prescription Drug Coverage – Unlike many of the other programs NCBA comes with comprehensive prescription drug formulary.

5. Plan is secular – this program utilizes a Medical Sharing Program, most of which are religious or spiritual, with NCBA there are no religious or lifestyle choice requirements.


Enroll all year long